Here is a clip from Hwang Jiny Korean Series of sword and stork dance. Hwang Jiny is the famous Gisaeng in the early 16th century of the Joseon era dance who is the greatest female poet,musician and dancer at her time. She was born at a time where there is a social hierarchy where noble people differs from the commoner.

She was adopted to the temple and stumble into a dance performance. She came across a dance performance and started to fall in love in dancing and was persuaded by the Gisaeng head lady to dance with the Gisaeng house where her mother originates . This story is no different from any other series which have a love story twist where Hwang Jiny is being pursued by noblemen and ministers. Ha Ji won potrays the character well with her sensual dance touch and her artistry.
She being an eloquent woman with words of poetry has capture much of the gist of the movie of being a woman who went through trials and tribulations in the 16th century.

Her role as a Gisaeng is to entertain noblemen with her artistry and music. She goes through trials and tribulations and she deals with them with quite an seeping anger and stubbornness with intellect and tactfulness.

A Gisaeng in the Korean era is known to be an artist and a whore which sell their virginity to the highest bidder in hopes for wealth and glory as a Gisaeng artist.
The Hanbok showcase is so breath-taking and luxurious to taste compare to other Korean series I have encountered. As 1million won budget has been invested into this production just for the wardrobe itself is a great testament to this traditional TV series in the making.

Summary of the clip

Dance review

Amazingly wonderful watching the video
Hwang Jiny is dancing in a group dance and her dance members had contemplate rebuke and betrayal against her by changing their dance formation and leaving her stunt and dumbfounded. Then she started to dance the sword dance to her dance teacher amazement and her opponent astounding dismay. There were like commotion between the dance teachers on who taught her the routine. To which her dance teacher replied , her first love inspired her. There is a glimpse of her younger days dancing to him.

Her blind mother question her musician what had happened and he replied she dropped her musical instrument and started to dance another routine again.

This is a woman fested Gisaeng sobby dance series with meaningful poetry and life enriching quotes . So If you like Korean movies , then this traditional series is for you.


  1. Ashish // 3:17 PM  

    wow what a lovely video!!! i could not understand the language but picturisation was great