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Gunung Brinchang view

It's been some time since I posted. Here is my previous trip to Cameron Highland's Gunung Irau. Camping there was unpleasant as I have not been camping for some time ,Foolishly , I did not bring enough mat for my bed base just a sleeping bag , ended up freezing cold at night. stupid!
We trek in the early morning for 4 hours and 5 hours trek out . It was gruesomely tiring but the journey was interesting.

The last time i went camping was as a marshall for Nomad Adventure in Kuala Kubu Bharu. My girl friend was participating in the adventure race and we were supposed to coordinate admin and technical task for the bridge rope climb. Totally cool experience , I was stationed near a waterfall where the adventure teams have to swim under the water stream in total darkness to search for fluorescent bottles. Unforgettable indeed.

I was stamp chopping the adventure team's yellow passport. There is this french guy who showed me his "ham choy passport" to me to my laughter's content. I still remember him and his family during his farewell party where he served us french odd sosages and I just loved the sweet mud cake to this day , He is a great testament to living life to the fullest . He is now ,in some exotic place called Bulgaria teaching.

Have a good day!