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Have you met someone and found the person so attractive in their well being ? You heard of the notion beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder . But One thing holds firm is that self confidence and personal image goes hand in hand.

Main concept we are tapping here is Personal branding.
How does it develop ?
Like any good marketing plan, you must first began by understanding your true self. Remember ,you are once in a lifetime never to be heard original personality. There will never be anyone else quite like you.
You know for what you stand for best? Who shape your beliefs?
Here do an exercise of jotting down your best phrases and quotes that describe your unique values, vision purpose and passion. Take some time to discover your strengths , weaknesses and hidden talents. Ask yourself what impacts you the most and what drives you.

Reality is just an illusion in the making but a strong one. Albert Einstein . It is imperative that you be aware of how you are communicating yourself to those around you. In this area, you will need to know your attributes and how others perceive you as an individual and accept the way you are.
Develop a focus group comprising close friends , colleagues and family members to ask , collate responses and consolidate their perceptions about you.

For example, are you seen as reliable , trustworthy or adventurous with a natural instinct for business ?

You must know your target audience and business or job competitors . How can you stand out unless you know whom you are standing with ?
Your pillar of strength should be from within yourself and God and drawn from your support group pillars. When people see your name or face consistently over a period of time , they will assume that you have something special and that you must be successful. Having your own brand keeps you visible within the marketplace as it sends out a clear message about you that makes you worth contacting.
What position do you deem worth positioning for with your strengths right now?

Establish yourself as an expert in your filed because expertise can bring you increased recognition , allowing you to position yourself well in the hearts and minds of your target audience.
Get good testimonials from your satisfied customers. Be known in your industry. Nothing beats faster than the word of mouth reference much better than the written testimonial. Keep track of your goals and mission statement and tagline.
Seek out new and challenging assignments that will build your brand. Write articles to showcase your knowledge and get them published or , better still , give speeches and presentation to share your expertise and achievements.


You can have an amazing brand , but if no one knows about it , you will not go ahead.
Nothing in marketing is more powerful than a promotion tool called word of mouth. When your network of friends , colleagues , clients and customers say about your brand is what the market will ultimately gauge as the value of the brand.
If you do not have a personal website , now is the time to buy a domain and let the world know about it. Take your personal image seriously because your appearance is the packaging of your own brand. Remember you are the product , and your packaging will either attract or detract people from your product.

Planning & Execution
Make an appointment with yourself at least twice a year to re-evaluate your personal brand statement .
Also , obtain honest and helpful feedback from your focus group on your brand performance , value and growth . There will always be competing brands ready to fill in any gap that you leave, so you must work consistently to close the gap.

The great thing about personal branding is that it works for everyone, no matter what business sector you are in or whether you own a start-up or an established company.

Generally , people work with you for three main reasons :
- they know you
- they like your character or reputation
- you create value

when you know yourself , what you offer and what makes you unique , your business or career will progress more effectively.